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7 Steps and your Home

1. Land

Views: Access: Orientation: Topography

Selecting your ideal site must precede floorplans as the views, sun, drive, entry and budget take formative shape after assessing the lay of the land upon which the design will unfold. Click to see more images of this magnificent landscape and visit for a full tour.

2. Design

How to Create a Home sweet Home

Every client is unique. Custom architecture is the way to get what you want - where you want it  without wasting any space. The mountain terrain demands attention to detail and this free service is the key to a dream project coming true. Get started by clicking on the link.

3. Custom Floor Plans

Where every SF is where you want it. 

In multiple free online work sessions  together with our master designer several versions of unique customized floor plans will be completed containing your desired layout of rooms and even include your furnishings. The plan is placed on your selected site optimized for access, orientation and views. 

4. Renderings

Plans Come to Life in 3D

"Move in" before you begin as the 3D renderings allow you to experience the design inside and out room to room. Provide furnishing dimensions and they are placed to give you a true perspective. Walk through the front door and see actual views from your selected site. During online sessions adjust walls, modify cabinets, move furnishings and instantly see the effect. An ultimate design experience.

5. Selections

The world is your shopping cart

As every home is fully custom we place no limitation of selections. We provide whatever level of assisance you desire and you can shop from any source. About 25 to 30% of your budget is determined by selections to be made including flooring, cabinetry, fireplace, lighting and plumbing fixtures, trim, siding, etc.

6. Cost Detailing

Let's See If We're On The $$

Once a plan has been approved all the calculations can be made to create a custom budget with information regarding selections to be made. Engineered roof and floor trusses are quoted along with heating and cooling equipment, appliances, fixtures, cabinetry etc. Building on budget requires the detail we provide up front before construction begins.

7. Construction

This is Where We Shine

 View progress, document all communications, upload pictures, make and modify selections and stay updated on the budget. Projects take 9 months from permits to move-in.

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